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Chamber Music

Lines between - clarinet, cello, piano
Unsteady Ground - mixed jazz/classical octet

The Walls Do Not Fall - mixed octet

Piano Quintet - piano and string quartet

Cathedrals of Silence - soprano and trio

Arrhythmia - mallet quartet

Atomise - horn, violin, piano

The Light of the Trees - saxophone quartet

Solos and Duets

Of Necessity - singing solo viola

Invisible Horizon - solo horn

Undercurrents - solo piano

Trilogy - jazz trumpet and piano

Breath - soprano and accordion

Moonfall - mezzo-soprano and bass viol

Shadow Music - two alto saxophones

Recreator - violin and cello

Large Ensemble

DUNE - large symphony orchestra

Curious Sunset - large open-score ensemble

At the still point of the turning world - accordion orchestra

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